Self Love

“What is Self Love”? you may say – well Chiefs I am here to answer the magic question and without sounding like a pervert (as it is so often mistaken when asked).

SELF LOVE is something not only do I preach but something I regularly practice also.
To me Self Love is an important as brushing your teeth, showering daily or eating regularly.

In today’s society we get so caught up – caught up in our minds, in our emotions and day to day situations, our routines and daily struggles, for example; getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school, paying the bills, losing weight, thinking about what’s for dinner, getting lunches ready, attending sporting events, that large body of work that is due on your boss’s desk in two day’s time and your already running late for work and so on…

Most of the time these things rattle around our brain and slowly start to burn ourselves out without us even noticing it, ‘WHY?’ because we are human, because we believe we can do everything all the time just because it needs doing, because ‘that’s just how things are’ and ‘always have been’…
Well friends sorry to tell you but you have been living a horrible LIE your whole lives!

Self Love should be one of your main priorities DAILY… Yes I said it, Daily.

Self Love ‘in my own definition’ is taking time each day to REALLY appreciate yourself, to re-connect with your self on all kinds of levels and certainly most importantly to LOVE YOURSELF 
(see more about falling in love with yourself soon on the next blog and why it will change your life)….

Self Love is incredibly easy and the best part is it can be done Anywhere at Anytime which is any ‘busy adults’ dream “Am I right?”
Self Love is not only a wonderful experience and moment to have with yourself but it can also be life changing and life saving.

Self Love on a regular basis will ENSURE you don’t burn yourself out, will reduce your stress levels, and can act as a relaxant and really ‘put things is perspective’ giving you often a clear direction when stuck in tricky situations.
Who on earth wouldn’t want to Self Love??

Regularly you will see blogs from me on SELF LOVE –  on how to self love, the different types or self love and what regular self love can achieve.

So get your Self Loving Booties on my little Chiefs and bunker down to have your lives changed!!



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