Waiting on a sign!

You know those moments where you suddenly realise your life is heading down a completely different path than before, without you even realising it at the time.
That something or a series of events have led you to change your mind, your goals, the way you see and do things?

Well recently a series of events have led me down a new path –
The problem is, I don’t know how to get to the destination or rather even where to start.

For years I have an enormous hunger to own my own business, just like hundreds of thousands of other people, (sounds simple enough) the issue is I don’t just want ‘any’ business.
No, no, not just ‘any’ business will do.

I want something more, so much more;
Over the last year many things in my life have changed as I’ve mentioned before in earlier blogs, my career changed drastically, certain friends went (some thankfully) and others came, bringing in new perspectives and positive change into my life (which I am blessed), I got married to the love of my life, discovered new things about myself I had never realised before and changed the way I see and think about most things, which was a liberating and empowering motion to go through.
To top it all off I realised hungers, desires, want’s and needs I have never wanted before or not on this level anyway.

– Brace yourself, I never said my Dreams were small –

A few of these desires and wants, is to be able to have a business that is meaningful to me, and not just meaningful in that ‘it makes me money’, No I wanted a business that I was passionate about, a business that can change and grow as I do.
A business that is purposful and comes from a place of positivity and truth.

I have always had a very creative nature, this means that I am also easy Inspired which is sometimes a blessing and a curse, I say sometimes a curse due to the fact that being highly creative leaves me needing to be constantly inspired, and when there is a long period of time where I lack inspiration, I find myself stuck in a ‘low’ or depressive state.

To match this, highly creative, highly demanding need, I am also
(so I recently discovered) a ‘Multi-Passionate Person’ I JUST LOVE THAT TERM. (thanks to Marie Forleo)
Thus why my business needs to be able to keep up and grow with my creative needs and not simply be a fixed product or service, as I am too passionate about too many things and to have a fixed product or service would quickly suck the life out of me no doubt.

As well as my said ‘business’ needing to be meaningful, creative, flexible, multi-passionate and inspiring it also needs to fulfill two main wants/need groups for me which I have broken down into two focused groups under Financial Freedom –

Financial Freedom Sub Groups:
Group One being ‘Lifestyle’: Ultimately my business needs to be able to help support my desired lifestyle (sounds superficial right?) wrong! Last time I checked
(setting aside any religious views) we only get one life, right? So why not declare the type of lifestyle you want to the universe to your family, to your damn annoying neighbours and go for it?!

I know what lifestyle I want!
I want a lifestyle that enables me to have the freedom to choose where, when and how I spend my time (my own boss / fianacial freedom).
The thought of forever being stuck behind a desk for eight hours a day or working every weekend just to get by does not sound like time well spent, especially when time is so precious and most of us have families or loved ones we could rather be spending the time with!

I want to have the finacial freedom to be able to obtain the wants, needs and desires of both my family and myself
(did I mention while I have rather simple taste I have rather Expensive taste!!)

I want to be able to provide my family, friends and loved ones with not only the things they need but the things they want and desire.
To be able to be in a position to provide them or at least aid them in obtaining financial freedom so they to can live their desired lifestyle’s and achieve their dreams, goals, wants and needs.

I want to be able to not only continue to travel the world seeing incredible places while soaking in history and culture, meeting friends I haven’t met yet, but to travel more often and for longer as I please to do so.

I want the freedom to be able to afford to live where I desire and how I desire.

This brings me to group two ‘Freedom to Give Back’!
Through the last year of change, learning and personal discovery, I have also grown to understand and accept some of my ‘faults’, one being I occasionally lack ‘drive’ for certain things, If I am not inspired, want or need it I find it hard to find any Drive for it, One thing however that I have always had an unconditional passion and drive for (sometimes even against my will) is for Animals, their rights and welfare.

I have been fortunate enough to have found a wonderful man who is on exactly the same page and often provides me with the most amazing opportunities to help animal’s (all over the world) but more of that later,
(Did I mention I was also lucky enough to Marry this said man on August 10th 2015.)

This mean’s that no matter what, with us two goofy, whole hearted, passionate, driven animal lovers that no matter where my business takes me, I know my business is going to in some form aid or help animals, In fact I already have a few organisations in mind that I wish to make regular donations to until I can support them on a far larger scale (one being the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai) but that is for another blog!

With this, is also my need for an Eco-friendly business
(I know what your thinking, I’m going down the tree hugging, universe saving hippy rant) and in some cases you would be right.
I am fortunate to ‘see the bigger picture’ and yes there has been a tree or two hugged along my travels (litrelly) but hey, we all have quirks – Right?

To add to my ‘giving back’ needs and desires, I have a strong desire to own certain businesses abroad in beautiful places I have been blessed enough to come across in my travels over the years.
Now these said’ places did not only draw on my interests due to their beauty or because they hold things I desire, It is the beautiful people and communities I have encountered in these places, people that when I encounter them and am fortunate enough to get to know them, have an uncontolable urge to help them in any way possible, to help improve their living circumstances, most of which whom are forced to live their current conditions due to natural disaters and corrupt governments keeping the rich richer and the poor dying –

Owning business(es) abroad and being able to be in a position to hire people living in poverty, being able to help support local schools, education programs and the greater community would complete me.
Ontop of supporting animal sanctuarys, nature parks, rangers, animal rights and activist groups would be a dream come true – not just keeping the wheel turning but making an actual real damn difference from a positive, truthful place!

– And that’s just the beginning –

So with all that now said and done, I know that I want a passionate, creative, inspiring, meaningful business from a place of intention and honesty that unlocks my financial freedom to obtain the desired lifestyle for myself, my friends, family and loved ones that enables me to not be harmful to the environment and that allows me to give back to the people in need, to give back to wildlife and nature all over and to actually make a real, positive impact on the world.
(Totally achievable right?……….)

I know what Direction I want it to grow and I know what I want to achieve and get out of the business –
The problem is I don’t know what “IT” is yet.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to be able to have the chance to try my hand at many career options, I feel blessed for this as I know many people do not get the chance to do so.
‘Brace yourself’ I have been a Dairy farm manager, I have worked on farms as a farm hand, Artificually inseminated turkeys for a while, worked in production lines in factories, managed bars, been a property manager at a real estate, am a qualified pastry chef (believe it or not) who hates baking and even worked for the defence force for a brief time, to finding myself where I currently work (and love) working in Mental Health where each day I am given the opportunity to really make a difference in people’s lives and give back – not to mention my life long underlying passion for mental health
(that story however, is a long history lesson for another day).

While I love my current career whole-heartedly, it is not letting me achieve the said above, thus leaving me ever so hungry for my own ‘business’.

Lucky for you universe I am a firm believer that everything does in fact happens for a reason and that if you actually look sometimes signs every now and then are thrown in your face – so until I have a light bulb moment, get struck by lightning or see my life suddenly flash before my eyes, I’ll will be left here
Waiting for a Sign!

‘When you’re ready Universe…. no hurry!’



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