SELF LOVE – 《 Foot Bath Recipe 》

Good Afternoon my Darling Chiefs,

We are now on our last day of the Easter long weekend and everyone it seems is Finally starting to unwind & relax – just in time to go back to work in the morning no doubt.

If like me you are soaking up (what feel’s like your final moments of a freebie) than rest assured I have you covered with one of my favourite ‘Foot Bath’ Recipes that I myself will be having shortly!!

This recipe is sourced from Heal | Love | Travel :
Jump on over to find a bunch of these lil’ self care gems and be sure to show yourself some much needed TLC.


– A foot bath OR a large bowl or bucket (something large enough for your feet to soak)
– Warm / Hot water
– Milk
– Honey


Simply fill up your ‘footbath’ with warm to hot water around 3/4 full
(remember water rises when you place your feet in)

Place 1 Cup of Milk (perhaps try a cup of tinned coconut milk) in the water

Then add 2 TB of Honey to the foot bath.

Allow your feet to soak for 15 to 20 minutes to get the full relaxation benefits.

TIP: (I like to sometimes add some flowers or herbs from the Garden, what ever my creative side craves to my footbath for a little bit more of a natural sensation)

4c5d38a95f16578994d359ed3d1c9630(photo via Pintrest)

And finally and most importantly – RELAX.

Spend this Self Love moment to really re-connect with yourself, to give yourself permission to have that 15 or 20 minutes just to yourself and no one else, what ever your jobs, task’s or needs might be tonight they can all wait, these next 20 minutes are yours and yours alone so ENJOY!

Right I am off for a much needed foot bath and some yummy Chocolate Goodness.

Happy Self Love & Happy Easter Everyone.



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