By the Sea Side

On January 31st 2015 my partner and I were blessed enough to go away for a lovely mini weekend escape down the South Coast of Australia.
The weather could not have been more perfect if we had asked for it, with a warm glorious sun and soothing cool sea breeze, life was easy – life was fine.

Our day started out nicely waking up early Saturday to get ready and head out on the road, we stopped for a decent coffee before the motorway and before long we were caught up in conversation and signing along to the radio.
The day just seemed to get better and better the closer to the ocean we were.

Before long (and a sneaky nap on my behalf) we were down at his Aunts and Uncles Van being greeted with warm hugs and kind smiles. Our weekend had officially started.

With a calming walk along the large still bay that hugs the Park and viewing the local sites, we said a kind hello to some local’s fishing off the Warf and a few cheeky Pelican’s hoping the fishermen do all the hard work for them and reward them with a big fat juicy fish.
With relaxed minds we finally decided to head to the beach.

Before long I gladly found my toes sifting through the sand admiring the glorious and powerful King Tide that had so kindly greeted the coastline the night before and who had decided to stick around just for us.
It was here that I did something I don’t do nearly enough and that I really need to practice more –

I allowed myself
to truly be in that moment – whole heartedly, open minded and free spirited – purely, truly, in that moment.

something beautiful then happened, I noticed my long wavy hair brushing against my neck as the ocean breeze glided down the coast line.
I noticed the roar of the waves, each set seeming louder then the one before crashing on top of one another.
I noticed the texture of the sand spilling over and around my feet as I walked a path up the beach.
I noticed the warm sun, the spectacular, unforgiving, stunning sun in all her glory kiss and warm the side of my cheek and crown of my head keeping me warm in the cool breeze.
It was a beautiful moment I had with myself and my surroundings – my moment.

The ocean however was the true and clear Queen, shells by the thousand now lay imbedded against a large sand mound that now guards the ocean side pushed up by the fury of the water herself, while seagulls soared looking for any prey that may have been washed in and surrendered with the strong tied.

As the four of us strolled along the beach that seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see, Aunt Leanne and I got to picking all kinds of glorious sea shells, all different shapes and colours, small ones, broken and cracked ones, ones we thought would like a new home and a new lease on life.

We headed back to camp for a quick drink and decided our lunch lay waiting for us at the local pub that overlooked the stunning bay.
A dozen oysters, juicy chicken burgers and a few beverages later we found ourselves heading back to camp strolling along the bay.
The tied had gone out to sea revealing the large open sand bar that almost divides the whole bay, pelicans loomed on the edges awaiting any fish they may be stuck in shallow waters.

Our afternoon was spent chatting about life and the world we live in today, flicking through news papers and having a cool drink in the shade by the bay.
Dinner was a delicious home cooked chicken dish done on Uncle Glenn’s bbq, served with a refreshing side of fresh salad.

All the while I had been carrying around this pretty floral notepad just in-case any inspiration had hit me to write about, some universal message I was meant to tell the world about, yet nothing had ‘hit’ me, I was starting to fear I already had become familiar to the dreaded ‘writers block’ – oh the Horror.

The morning came fast with my partner waking early to get to the office before the line of tourist would start growing, you see each year you have the chance to line up and claim a spot at the park for the following year, then once you have an allocated location you can renew it each year as a ‘loyalty program’.
Ryan being the determined man he is was well prepared and ‘lined up’ with grace and class as his Uncle and I constantly brought him coffee, a newspaper and a cosy padded chair for him to have while he done all the hard work, we were not well received by others standing in the cool morning air clearly tired from the early wake or their long drive from home, however Ryan was in a wonderful mood sipping his hot coffee and ready the daily news.

While my incredibly Brave man fought off strangers ‘while sipping his hot coffee’ waiting to claim us an impressive site to have for years to come, I decided to grab my ‘floral inspire notepad’ and take off on my own to the still bay that loomed in the fresh morning air hoping to be deeply moved by something – Alas, it didn’t take long.
I sat there watching the pelicans and water birds wake and go for a morning swim, the birds in the tree’s to start the day chirping to one another, people taking their dog’s for a run along the bay and as I took a deep breath again allowing myself to ‘be in the moment’ I realised I had my inspiration all along.

I took a deep breath in allowing the cool morning air to fill my lungs, it was there I realised it was allowing myself to Stop, to honestly be in that moment, to become fully aware of my surroundings and enjoy all their glory.
– That was my Inspiration, my message

It became apparent to me that it was how you view things in life, your ‘moment’s that truly define your time and how you ‘spend’ it.
It could be pouring down with rain and rather than be miserable about the weather, give yourself permission to be ‘still’ to be ‘in your moment’ to listen to the rain, watch it’s beauty – Life really is what you choose to make of it.

Feeling liberated I headed back to check on my main man and see if he needed more coffee, as I walked past a cabin a noticed a small baby boy sitting in nothing but a white nappy leaning against the glass door, I flicked him the warmest smile I could find and was filled with joy as he grinned back and gave me a cute, shy wave hello. I knew then happiness; I knew the beauty around me and was thrilled, liberated, excited to be in the middle, surrounded by all the beauty.

I ran into Ry on my way back to camp and needless to say he came through (as always) and picked us a wonderful spot for camping this year, right underneath these beautiful tree’s & only a few feet from the water’s edge – my man done well.

So my beautiful Chiefs, if you take anything away from my coastal adventure – let it be that you allow yourself ‘give yourself permission’ to pause each day and truly allow yourself to be in the moment, trust me your outlook on life with suddenly start to change!



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