Who is Lady Chief?

Ah – the moment of ‘self reflection’ when asked the confronting question of “who am I”?

Well Chiefs, I am many things (are we all not?) perhaps far to many to mention, besides, no one should ever place restrictions on ones self, especially titles; ‘am I right‘?.

However, as my new Chief family, I guess to get a glimpse into my life, I may be best described as a deep and connected Empath, an intense animal loving, tree hugging, soy drinking, offspring watching , yoga practicing old soul who thrives off inner beauty, empowerment and the constant inspiration earth, energy and the universe provides us – amoung other things naturally.

This space for ‘now‘ is simply a true & heartfelt blog on my life experience, advice, thoughts and beliefs in the hope that someone will find just what it is they need to help others in their journey through life, what ever stage of their journey they may be on.

** Through this exciting year however, this blog will turn into something more with a little help from divine timing, a little luck and a lot of self-belief.. So be sure to ‘watch this space‘ exciting times ahead Chiefs!

Welcome to my ‘Lady Chiefs’ Home – may you always be present and find your inner Chief!



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